Tour Schedule & Reservation


Coffee Tasting Experience
Barista Workshop
Home Brewing
Tours held on demand
Subject to availablity of the trainer


Medellin Graffiti Tour - Monday to Saturday
Street Food Tour - Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Big 50 Walking Tour - Monday & Friday


Coffee Farm Tour - Wednesday & Saturday
Chocolate Farm Tour - Sundays
Guatape Tour - Every day

PRIVATE TOURS can be organized for any day of the week where logistically possible

Please Read

Before Booking

Booking is easy:

  1. Complete the booking form
  2. Make payment
  3. Provide your passport details to avoid paying 19% IVA*

To avoid disappointment please book in advance. Tours should be confirmed and paid for by 11am the day prior to the tour. The only exception is the Graffiti Tour which may accept reservations up to 9am on the day of the tour (where there is availaility). Sunday and Monday Public Holiday tours must be booked by Saturday 12 noon.

2017 public holidays are:

  • Mon 16 October (Columbus Day)
  • Mon 6 Nov (All Saints’ Day)
  • Mon 13 Nov (Independence of Cartagena)
  • Fri 8 Dec (Feast of the Immaculate Conception)
  • Mon 25 Dec (Christmas Day)

Credit card payments are subject to a 5% admin fee.

* 19% IVA (Sales Tax)
Tourists are exempt from paying 19% Sales Tax where they provide evidence of their tourism status (the “Details” page of their passport and a copy of the page with the Colombian “Tourist Entry Stamp”). It is your responsibility to provide this information prior to the tour, otherwise we are obliged by law to charge IVA. You can send us photos or bring your passport.

Note: There is no IVA exemption for Colombians or Foreigners residing in Colombia on a Resident / Student / Work Visa. 

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