The Original
Medellin Graffiti Tour

Medellin Graffiti Tour

Join us on the “original” Medellin Graffiti Tour as we take a journey through Comuna 13.

Once known as Colombia’s most dangerous barrio, we’ll explore how innovative urban regeneration projects and the use of street art have given the area a bright & colorful new future.

The local guides have an amazing message to tell and their hope is that you’ll be inspired to create a better world, one full of art and music.

Your attendance on the tour supports local community education, to date over US$25,000 has been given back to the community.

Tour Details

60,000 Colombian Pesos
(about US$20| €17| £15)

Departs: Monday to Saturday

1 person – 300,000 COP
2 people – 150,000 COP
3 people – 100,000 COP
4 people – 75,000 COP
All prices per person.

Private tours available daily


You can walk around and see the graffiti by yourself, however you’ll miss the real story of the artwork, one that doesn’t recall years of violence but instead tells a colorful story of hope, peace and a properous future.

EXCLUSIVE: The tour is conducted by local urban artists, members of the Casa Kolacho collective, responsible for over 90% of the artwork in Comuna 13 (they work exclusively with Toucan Cafe’s tour).

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Medellin Graffiti Tour

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Medellin's most colorful tour

Comuna 13’s Transformation

On this tour you will learn how the government tackled the crime and drug gangs head on and how music and art has influenced the transformation of this community. We'll ride the electric escalators, enjoy the stunning panorama of Medellin and even have the chance to try some local Medellin street food along the way.

The Medellin Graffiti Tour is brought to you by Jeihhco and the other co-founders of Casa Kolacho, community leaders and artists who together promote a message of peace through education, hip hop music, graffiti, breakdance and DJ’ing. Casa Kolacho artists are responsible for over 90% of the graffiti art that you’ll see in Comuna 13. Operating without government funding the founding partners all work on a voluntarily basis.

The tour is conducted in Spanish by the members of Casa Kolacho and you will also be accompanied by a bilingual tour guide who will provide additional historical and cultural context as well as English translation. The tour departs in all weather conditions.

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The highlight of our short trip to Colombia. An introduction to the recent urban development in Medellin as well as colourful and inspiring example of community, social action, the resilience of human spirit, the healing power of art and music.Sef1939 - TripAdvisor
It’s the constant battle when you travel – how do you add more depth to a particular experience? The secret lies in the stories. The Graffiti Tour is a fantastic story tour that adds depth and meaning to the hundreds of graffiti artworks you will seeBroccolilady - TripAdvisor

Medellin Graffiti Tour Details

Tour Highlights

  • Tour by local community leaders (most of whom are graffiti or hip hop artists)
  • View examples of Comuna 13 graffiti
  • See Medellin’s outdoor electric escalators
  • Understand the history of social transformation
  • Support local community center Casa Kolacho
  • Try real Medellin street food

Basic Information

  • Departure point: Toucan Café
  • Departure time: 10am (please arrive 20 mins early)
  • Transportation time: Approx. 45 minutes each way
  • Walk details: Really easy hike through the comuna
  • Finish time: about 2-3pm
  • Tours operate with a minimum of 5 people
  • Bring sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, your passport (or a copy), a waterproof jacket or umbrella

What’s Included?

  • Bilingual guide
  • Metro Transportation from Toucan Café

What’s Not Included?

  • Tips & Personal expenses
  • Money to buy souvenirs or street food
  • Activities not mentioned in the description

Over 6,500 people have joined us on the original Medellin Graffiti Tour, helping us to raise more than USD25,000 for the education of local youth

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