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"At Toucan Cafe we create amazing tours that take you off the tourist trail, giving you authentic Paisa experiences. Experience Medellin like a local, support the communities we visit and go home with more than just incredible photos."

Over 10,000 people have joined us on tours since 2015.

PLUS: In addition to our own tours, we're also an official booking office for Guatape Tours, Turibus, Paragliding and more.

Sustainable Tourism

We don't believe in generic sightseeing tours. At Toucan Cafe we create local experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in the authentic Colombian culture, understand our complex history and learn what makes the city tick. Every Toucan Cafe tour experience aims to leave a positive social & environmental impact on the communities that we visit in addition to memorable experiences for the tour participants. Group tours help reduce our overall environmental footprint.

Attendance on the Medellin Graffiti Tour supports Casa Kolacho whose educational programs in Comuna 13 touch the lives of thousands of kids, some examples shown below. To date the tour has contributed more than USD25,000 towards local social programs.

The Coffee & Cacao Farm Tours support not just the farming families but also generate employment within their communities. In the case of the cacao farmers we work with the United Nations who are helping farmers displaced by Colombia's internal conflict. 

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  • Medellin Comuna 13 Kolacho
  • Casa Kolacho Medellin Comuna 13
  • Graffiti Tour Casa Kolacho
  • Comuna 13 Social Transformation
  • Medellin Graffitour
  • Medellin Graffiti Tour
  • Graffiti Tour Comuna 13
  • Medellin Graffiti Tour
  • Kolacho Medellin Graffiti Comuna 13
  • Graffiti Tour Toucan Cafe Medellin
  • Medellin Graffiti Comuna 13
  • Medellin Graffiti Tour
  • Medellin Graffitour
  • Casa Kolacho Festival