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Visit our tour desk for information about the city or to book some of the best tours in Medellin.

At Toucan Café we specialize in small group tours guaranteed to please even those people who generally “don’t do tours”.  From coffee related experiences to graffiti tours with hip hop guides, our tours go behind the scenes to impart a real local flavor.

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Why Choose a Tour from Toucan Cafe ?

At Toucan Cafe don’t want you to just visit our city, we want you to go home having touched, tasted, smelt and experienced Medellin in all it’s newly transformed glory.

We don’t do Pablo Escobar tours. You watched Narcos, that era was 20 years ago, there’s nothing much to see these days. Instead we invite you to put on your comfy shoes and join us on a journey of discovery through the cultural & social landscape of this beautiful city in 2017.

Together we’ll learn the story of coffee, Colombia’s most important export. We’ll visit Comuna 13 Medellin’s former most dangerous barrio, guided by community leaders who inspire us through stories of change inspired by hip hop & street art. We’ll eat street food and ride the cable cable. We’ll learn about the transformation of Medellin.

When you take the Toucan Cafe’s Medellin Graffiti Tour you’ll be leaving a positive footprint on the local community in which we visit.

So Far The GRAFFITI TOUR Has Raised
0,000,000+ COP
For the Education of Youth in Comuna 13

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Tour Reviews

“A hightlight of our trip. We are coffee snobs, and boy did we have a blast doing this two-hour coffee tasting class at Toucan Cafe.” NYCleveland (TripAdvisor Review)
“Graffiti tour is a must! Do not miss this.”Naomi (TripAdvisor Review)
If you are not able to visit a coffee plantation during your stay in Medellin, definitely take this Coffee Tasting Experience. The amount of detail they provide over the coffee making process is extraordinary. Juan (TripAdvisor Review)
This was a very enjoyable workshop and a highlight of our stay in Medellin. As a coffee lover, I have always wanted to do a similar workshop in Australia, however the cost appears 3 times the amount for a similar duration course. Highly recommended for anybody interested in the art of making great coffee.Bler2103 (TripAdvisor Review)
“Toucan Rocks!”Richard (TripAdvisor Review)
“Did the Barista Workshop and Coffee Tasting (English) in Medellin, with Andres and it was AMAZING!” Jun (TripAdvisor Review)
Everytime I travel, I try to take a course of the “specialty” of that country. So finding this Barista Workshop was super cool. My husband and my best friend loved the experience. The class was excellent, it opened our eyes about coffee. Balmeri (TripAdvisor Review)
We did the graffiti tour and the volunteering tour with Toucan while studying Spanish there. Both tours were awesome, and we would highly recommend them to anyone.Koen (TripAdvisor Review)
“What a great way to learn about Medellin and to meet wonderful people”William (TripAdvisor Review)

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